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This is an old demo for a game that, sadly, was discontinued. However, doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the demo for Valentine's 2023!


oh no, this got cancelled?? that's terrible, i just had a wonderful time playing it


oh my goddddd </3 i'm so fkn sad that this got cancelled.


Gahh, the art style is so good and I love MC's personality! It's pretty sad to find out this got abandoned, but I enjoyed the concept of it! ( ´ ω ` )


Man I really liked the concept and artsyle in this! So sad it was dropped...


fear of becoming an old spinster? same girl same


Cute game! The voice work was great and the artwork was good, too. Dario and Jaiden were my favorites. It's sad that this project was dropped, but thank you for sharing what you have! :)


Dawg I was so into it and then I realized it's cancelled. I want to shrivel up and cry dramatically, this was so good! I hope they pick it back up some day!


Another true agony is when you find this gem of a demo just recently but then the project was cancelled long time ago...


i was in love w all of them and found out it's cancelled i'm done w life

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it's always the best projects that get cancelled 


I just played this and loved it and now I'm seeing that the project is cancelled... Really disappointing. This was really great quality. 




Yeah :( I checked their blog I wish they would state that on here.... Really bummed ;;

Ahhhhhh, I'm so sad. (T-T) The game has (or should I say had?) great potential... thanks 4 informing me. Now I shall suffer in silence. (;-;)


This is rather disappointing... I was definitely looking forward to this game's completion. The concept was refreshing; the art, an unorthodox, charming style that captivates hearts; and the character voices, well-acquainted with their personalities. Truly such a shame that this will be discontinued. 

We appreciate the notice, and the reason, albeit brief, is valid. Health and happiness is of the utmost importance and priority. I do hope that one day you reveal a much clearer explanation for the cancellation, as little to none of us will get sound closure from this.  

Thank you very much for your work so far, keep in mind that nothing ever goes as planned, or right, for the first few attempts. No one must be more disappointed and frustrated than you, the creators themselves... Good luck and all the best for your future projects! May they be more successful than the last.


Noooo, I've been wanting to play a victorian otome game, there's barely any in the market... Can't they sell their game to another visual novel company? The game is too good to be canceled.


Honestly, all my hopes, crushed so fast...


Yeah I was so disappointing. I've been looking at this project once a month and to see it canceled is so disappointing.


Kind of disappointing this got cancelled... especially since some people have been waiting a long time and others have donated their money. Forgive and forget I guess


Any news about the game? Can't find it. Last ones are from Feb. o-o



Wow what a bummer, I didn't know they quit. Thank you very much for the info! 


No problem

The game promises to be brilliant, I can not wait for the full version. Do you plan to translate the game into other languages (for example Polish)? If you lacked translators, write me so I will be happy to help you ♥


I'm really looking forward to an extended version of this!

You've got a relatable protagonist and great characters, along with beautiful art. What else could you ask for?

My favourite part of the demo is probably the interactions between MC and the characters. She says something slightly awkward - they respond like a normal human would. The fact that they're able to read the mood makes it all seem more realistic than your average dating sim, I think.  They all also seem to have their own lives and emotions and don't just fawn over MC and how beautiful she is. Thanks for bringing more reality into the dreamlike world of dating sims! :D

I attached a comment to a rating but I'm still pretty new to how works so I wanted to expand on it here anyway! Especially since I've actually been following this game for a while so I was excited to play the demo SO

The voice acting is great!! I always really look forward to voice acting in dating sims but of course that usually only applies to Japanese translated games but I was /ecstatic/ that this game is fully voiced! The only thing that I suppose would be a downside is that a couple of the voices felt like they weren't as clear of a recording as I would've liked? Although the voices themselves were beautiful.  (And maybe more variety with the direction? The guy's accents weren't as strongly different as I think it could've been but it's really not a big deal). Tbh it's so rare to have such nice english voice acting I'm already in love with them and gonna be following their VA's;; I wasn't sure how I was going to take the protag being voiced but the acting is so nice and the script for her is very funny and likable that I ended up enjoying it a lot. 

WHICH is another thing-I love how refreshing and fun the protag is. The moment she was eyeballin Fabian I was having a good laugh at how relatable that is. There's also other times like her casually finding a reason to talk longer with the guys that feels /so good/ compared to playing the usual softspoken demure type girls in Japanese VNs. 

I'm also super impressed with just how many guys there are! Just when I thought I had met all the main cast, two more (extremely nice sounding and handsome and interesting) men showed up. Each of them seem to have their own quirks and has definitely piqued my interest-I can easily see myself playing through all their routes. (Though I'll be honest-Im most looking forward to Dario personally. I'm weak for glasses and he seems antisocial/shut in almost?? same Dario please I'd also love to live in a house away from town. Jaiden is also super cute and relatable)

And the art is beautiful as well!! All the sprites are so crisp and smooth and colorful and the eyes are gorgeous. I especially love how the curled locks are drawn and the lip coloring? One small nitpicky thing I noticed tho-the whites of the protag's sprite when she's looking away don't seem to follow her irises. I wasn't sure if this happened with a couple of the other sprites or not and it's like...just a super nitpicky thing I noticed is all. 

Overall the story and setting seem really cute~! The atmosphere feels very nice and comfortable and I /really/ can't wait to see the final game! I'm overall super excited to continue watching development and will be more than happy to pay some good money for when this does come out. I wish yall the best with the project! 


I’m sorry if this has been asked before but is there an estimation on when the full game will be released? And will you release a walkthrough with the release of the full game?

I have played the demo! I'm excited~~


Does anyone know how much released game will cost?


Heya! We can't give an accurate estimation of the price since we're still in development and we're going to decide on things like that later on. But we're well aware of the age of our demographic and we would'nt want to sell a product y'all can't afford. 

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Beautiful demo, i cant wait for the full game! I wish there was more dating sims in this time period.  Do you think you'll be uploading it to steam at all ?

Thanks for playing! And we totally agree. The victorian age is such a lovely time period. Would love to play more games with this setting too. We've already decided very early in development that we're going to  publish it on steam too. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask ^^


So, what i thought about the demo was:

-Pretty art

-I like the voice acting

-I like the general atmosphere of the game as well

-I laughed a few times,this main character sure is funny

-The boys are all handsome and interesting.I can't decide for which of them i'll go first. 

I look forward to play the full game.

Wow. :D Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope we'll meet your expectations in the full game!


I've just started the demo, but I already love the voice acting.  It looks like it's going to be a super cute game.

Thanks! Glad you liked it ^^


Well, I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just played the demo, and it was very nice. Extremelly pleasing aesthetically, and it was cool to have a fully voiced game - and even cooler to have a voiced MC - I really dislike when they are mute.

I wish the demo had a couple of choices too, so you can see various interractions with each character, but that's not a major issue per se. 

As for the characters, well, I like them all, though none is one of my "types", sadly. I mean, as I said, they're all enjoyable anyway, but I don't have a huge crush on anyone. My favorites are Jeremy and Jaiden, but I have a hard time deciding who I like the most between the two. Maybe Jeremy if I had to choose. Well, the good thing about not having a huge crush on one of them is that I'll probably be able to do all routes. Sometimes if I like a character too much I can't force myself to do any other route  than his. 

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts. We didn't include any choices in the introduction simply because we want everyone to experience this part of the game in the same way. But the final product will include choices and a branching narrative :)

just played the demo and wow!! it made me feel happy and warm inside. all the characters have a super nice vibe i love them all,, amazing


Glad you like them all! Thanks for playing and leaving such a heartwarming comment. 


Good set up. Love the intros for the different characters. I look forward to playing the finished game.

Happy to hear that! Thanks for playing :D


Amazing demo! I was just wondering if you planned on having multiple dialog options in the finished game? Like choice paths? I.e: You could choose to go left or right when you get lost. If you choose left you automatically go straight to Vicville center and skip the whole interaction with Jaiden. But if you choose to go the right he comes up and asks if you're sure. (Like he does in the demo.) But! You could choose to either go back to Vicville center OR to the graveyard.

Hey hey. Thanks for playing our demo. We're indeed planning to include multiple dialogue options and a branching narrative where your choices matter. ^^


Awesome, Thank you for replying! I await the arrival of the finished game. I'm certain it will be fantastic! ;D


Enjoyed the artwork and the music as, it tied in well with the theme. My honest opinion is that she is a little too eager though. She is just easily excited by all the potential love interests right off the bat. Like I said my own personal opinion but, I thought it was a bit much. Great work though!

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts ^^

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And we really enjoyed your playthrough! Your reactions were so funny ^^ Thanks for playing!

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I never read a visual novel where I liked all the romance options. I really have no words for how beautiful it is, but it's . . .beautiful. Please, make the full version. Don't give up on this game. This could go down into the best visual novel romance game history.  

Wow if this comment doesn't give us enough determination, nothing else will. Thank you so much for playing and your kind words :)


That was absolutely amazing!! The demo was definitely worth the wait. Kyuri, Jeremy and Dario have my heart. Such amazing voice acting and it seems every character has there own and unique personality. The artwork is so exquisite and I absolutely could wait for as long as it took for an update on this game! I can tell how much work went into this, so props to the developer and everyone else involved!

Thanks for playing our demo! We all worked very hard on it so hearing someone acknowledge that makes us very happy and proud. Glad to hear you think it was worth the wait. We hope to meet your expectations in the final product. :D


It looks amazing! I can't wait to see the final product!!

Happy to hear that! Thanks for playing ^^

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The quality speaks for itself, the game looks splendid from writing, graphics, voice, and design! The MC flashing the swoon eyes is big mood. I didn't expect that Kyuri would swoon my heart THAT fast- HIS SHOP DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION

Dotty seems to own my MC's friendship being a great wingman ;) Abigail's joke made me want laugh and cry. Billy's a cute bean. Kudos to the amazing voice cast for portraying the characters with distinction and color

The game is definitely worth the wait!

We're truly humbled by your kind words. Happy to hear you think it was worth the wait! Hearing that you think the MC is a big mood is a big achievement for us haha. We'll pass your lovely feedback on to our voice cast. They indeed did an amazing job and we're very lucky to have them.


I swear too good the Protagonist is my spirit animal .

I am soo going to binge this and do every guy in this Game(pun intended), I am already super exited to play the completed game, I mean even the side Characters seam lovely.   Keep up the good work its amazing so far,  I am going to keep supporting you guys. 

Thanks for the support and playing our demo! Glad the MC appeals to you :)


MY GOD it was just as good as i expected it to be :^)!! i've been following the development of this game on tumblr for a while, and i swear to god i absolutely went NUTS when i saw the demo was finally out!

i had tons of fun with the writing, i really liked that it's light and actually kind of comedic sometimes! not to mention you can tell TONS of care really went into writing these characters. even with this demo their personalities shined through so well! i honest to god was aiming for jaiden for the longest time while watching development--but when i played the game, i somehow fell for ALL of the guys? it's so hard for me to like ALL of the bachelors in a dating sim--but somehow, you guys caught me falling hard for all of them alsdkfsdjk!!! i definitely like all of them so far and tbh it's super tough to narrow them all down into a few--but i REALLY like dario and jeremy so far. as an asian person, too, though--i totally cringed at the part where the protagonist mispronounced jeremy's last name lol ;; but it really did show the little(and later, probably big) difficulties he has in a small-town environment as a foreigner! loved that!!

and the art is TOTALLY stunning!! it's so nice on the eyes and it makes me feel super relaxed. not to mention the colors are so fantastic and i just honestly REALLY like staring at the art! there were even a few times where i'd stop the game to admire the art!!! not gonna lie, i was slightly disappointed we probably can't date the girls, because they're so super cute--BUT i'll live because the boys are just as cute sgsdskd

this game just feels really refreshing, and i really loved the setting you guys took with it! the victorian era is a highly underappreciated era with games like this and i'm SO excited to see how you guys go with this! even with the demo i know i'm going to love and get super attached to these characters!! thank you for working so hard on this game--the care everyone put into this really pays off! i'll be keeping a regular on this!!! :^)

Wow. Thanks for sticking around with us and playing our demo. It means a lot to hear you liked the writing and fell head over heels for all the guys haha. Thanks for your lovely feedback and encouraging words!


Wow, that was soo refreshing! I don't remember when I had so much fun with an otome until now!

What i really love is writing! Nice and light with a little comedic touch. I actually laughed a few times c: the same goes for art! not really anime like but not like for children (?) i don't know how should i put this...

Heroine is totally relatable, i see myself in her actions and thoughts. ( talking with a chicken and making "oh~ah~" when some hotties are around XD)

For the boys hmm... oya oya. I think on my radar would be Mr. Honey ;) ( i can see some jerk-ish vibes from him but i know he is a good guy) Mr. DID SOMEONE SAID TAILORING ( such a sweetheart oya <3 and a dedicated one! I am looking forward to helping him!) and Mr. MY HEARTH BELONGS TO MY BABY CAT GIRL ( no but seriously because of that cat i am curious about his route). Other guys were nice too but they didn't catch my attention.

so, please do not give up on this  project and do your best i am with you ^^ I can't wait for the full game! stay strong! ( and sorry for any spealing mistakes, still learning eng)

 just one question; the price for the full game? how much it gonna cost?

Oh my. Don't make me blush. Thank you so much for playing our demo and leaving such a kind comment. You don't know how happy we are to hear you had fun playing it and actually laughed! Writing humour is very hard and after reading our work 1000 times it becomes pretty stale. So it's always a bit exciting to hear the public opinion. We were delighted to hear which boys are on your radar atm. Thanks for your words of encouragement and don't worry about any spelling mistakes. Just like a lot of other game developers, we aren't native speakers ourselves so we completely understand. 

About the price of the full game: We haven't given it a lot of thought yet. Let's just see where this demo goes first. But we are aware of the age of our demographic so we'll certainly keep that in mind. :)

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