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This voice demo contains old character sprites For the updated and actual gameplay demo visit:  https://sakubaka.itch.io/vicboys-demo

All lines in this  demo were made with no specific story in mind and most of them are not meant to answer each other. They are mixed for your enjoyment. Vicboys is still in development. This demo doesn't reflect the quality of the final product. Some assets have yet to be finalised. 


Vicboys is an upcoming Dating Sim set in the Victorian age. We've posted an open call for voice actors a few months ago. Now that our cast is complete, we'd like to introduce them to you with this small demo!

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The Protagonist - Felicia Valenti  
Twitter - @felicia_voices  

Jeremy Hun - DJ Horn
Twitter - @djnostyle

Fabian Delacroix - Brandon "Krenko" Smith
Twitter - @crunchy_rubber
Instagram - @thebrandonsmith
Castingcall - Brandon Smith

Yasai Kyūri  - Jonathan David Bullock
Facebook - JonathanDavidOfficial  
Youtube - TeamWayfinder  

Dario Fields & Charles - Mick D. Wilson
Soundcloud - michael-wilson-62   
Deviantart - heyitzmick  
Youtube - Mick D. Wilson   

Petrus Nile - Andre Martinez (SNinja)
Youtube - SNinjaOfficial  

Jaiden Roots - John Klaus
Youtube - Voice Actor Fan Torak   

Stanley & Keith - Xathien 

Mark - Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
Deviantart - a-log   
Youtube - ottagol1985    

Omar - Jeromy “Eats-Food” Tiatia
Castingcall - jeromyeatsfood   

Mordecai - Jonathan Antoine  
Twitter - @jonantoine  
Facebook - JonathanStavvyAntoine  

Billy - TeruTeru
Castingcall - Teru Teru Va   

Louise - Kyotosomo  
Twitter - @Kyotosomo  
Youtube - kyotosomo   

Abigale - Melody Muzljakovich
Twitter - @voicesofmelody    
Facebook - melodymuze    
Deviantart - melodymuze   

Dotty & Maria - Haley Jay
Facebook - HaleyJayVA     

Mildred & Vivian - Amber Leigh  
Twitter - @Amber_Leigh_D  
Instagram - @amby_leigh_d  

Fantine - Olivia Steele
Twitter - @AuroraGuinivere      
Facebook - OliviaSteeleVO        

Annie - Margaret Ashley  
Castingcall - MargaretAshley       

Gertrude - Kim Gasiciel
Soundcloud - kimgasicielvo   

Harriet - Erin Evans-Walker
Twitter - @EMEvansWalker

Mary - Faith
Youtube - Faith o3o

Winnie - Danuta Amato 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Dating Sim, demo, Female Protagonist, Otome, Singleplayer, victorian, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes


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Vicboys_Voice_Demo-1.0-pc.zip 72 MB
Vicboys_Voice_Demo-1.0-mac.zip 57 MB

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I wonder when will the full version get released


It's been cancelled.

Aww, that's unfortunate.

I’ve been a long time fan, from the very beginning. Hopefully I can download the game demo soon, I have waited long for it and never got the update. I now I’m gonna wait for the games full release and, I’m so excited!


You have no idea how excited I am for even the demo of the game to come out, I download the voice demos and was absolutely in love.


Awh Thank you. So glad to hear that. :D Happy to say you're in for some excitement today. You might want to keep an eye on our page ;)


I know I'm really late to the party but I just downloaded this and was completely amazed. The voices (and the accents) are incredible and I can't say enough about the beautiful art! I was also surprised by how many characters there are. I can't wait until the full game is out and I'll definitely be following the development until then! ♡


Awh. Thank you for your lovely words. :)  Can't believe there are still people downloading this demo after almost 1 year. We've had some hiccups during development but are planning to release a gameplay demo soon. We'll upload it on Itch as well. 


Ahh I cant wait do you know an estimated date when it will be released.


okay so i just downloaded this just to hear the voices and oh my god i just want to hug EVERYONE

Haha. Glad you like them :D Thanks for the download!


I loved literally EVERYTHING about this. The voice acting was waaaay better than I was expecting, and the art was the basically the main cause of me clicking onto this page. Everything was so eye-dazzling, I felt relieved to see such high-quality voice-acting and art.

I hope the final product delivers.

Awwwwh thank you so much! We're all working our butts off so we're glad it paid off.  Haha :)


I opened up the game and I already love the music on the title screen. I'm looking forward to your soundtrack if you guys make one! Also voice acting was phenomenal. All the voices fit their respective character.


If you're interested I believe the piece is called Salut D'amour

Yes! By Edward Elgar :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it.


The voice acting was amazing! It didn't sound choppy, it was very clear, as well as emotion flowing through the voices. I have to give credit to the art as well, the background was quite beautiful and the characters- I don't know where to start! The clothing choice and facial features varied between each character, and the eye style is quite eye catching! *badum-tss* I'm really excited for the full game! Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you so much for your kind words <3


Definitely looking forward to the finished product!


Happy to hear that! :)