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I loved literally EVERYTHING about this. The voice acting was waaaay better than I was expecting, and the art was the basically the main cause of me clicking onto this page. Everything was so eye-dazzling, I felt relieved to see such high-quality voice-acting and art.

I hope the final product delivers.

Awwwwh thank you so much! We're all working our butts off so we're glad it paid off.  Haha :)


I opened up the game and I already love the music on the title screen. I'm looking forward to your soundtrack if you guys make one! Also voice acting was phenomenal. All the voices fit their respective character.


If you're interested I believe the piece is called Salut D'amour

Yes! By Edward Elgar :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it.


The voice acting was amazing! It didn't sound choppy, it was very clear, as well as emotion flowing through the voices. I have to give credit to the art as well, the background was quite beautiful and the characters- I don't know where to start! The clothing choice and facial features varied between each character, and the eye style is quite eye catching! *badum-tss* I'm really excited for the full game! Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you so much for your kind words <3


Definitely looking forward to the finished product!


Happy to hear that! :)